Peter Nelson  Astrologer

Natal Chart Readings
Life Readings

Specialist in Chiron, Saturn, 12th House and Karmic Astrology.

Consultations using Skype/Facetime or written reports.

Clients must have an active Spiritual life or practice. Also, I ask that you have at least a basic knowledge of astrology and familiarity with your own chart, although this is not essential. Readings are thorough, covering birth, childhood, parents, life mission and the usual ‘love, money and health’.

Face-to-face consultations usually take about 2 hours, and a recording is provided. There can be a follow up session a week or two afterwards to clarify any complicated elements. Consultations need to be booked a couple of weeks in advance to allow me time to research your chart. I can do spontaneous, unprepared readings, but such interpretations will necessarily be less comprehensive.

Written reports of approximately 10 pages take 2 weeks to prepare. A brief introductory chat by Telephone or Skype is preferred.

Transit reports are offered with the natal chart, and to returning clients. However, I do not offer transit readings without first having done a natal interpretation.

Initial contact is by email to astrology at wombnet dot com.

"Peter Nelson is a person whom I hold in highest regard. His ability as an astrologer is informed by his intellect and wisdom, as well as his deeply caring nature. An astrology reading with Peter is an in-depth insight to your true Self and purpose."    Binnie A Dansby